What Makes the Clear Image Camo Different?
Clear Image Camo is photographic camo created outdoors, where hunting happens, instead of indoors on a computer screen. Clear Image Camo enhances the outdoor experience by creating camo that can blend in with any outdoor environment. Our growing collection of camouflage patterns is limited only by nature itself.

Our creative process delivers a camo with three distinct advantages:

Clear Image Camo Has Water: When you're hunting waterfowl, shouldn't your camo feature water? A duck coming into a marsh or pond typically sees a landing area that's at least 70 percent water. Clear Image Camo’s Muddy Water and Timber Tantrum patterns were the first camo to incorporate water and reflections and to perfectly mimic what the bird sees from the air.

  • Clear Image Camo is 100% in Focus: Camouflage that's unfocused has no detail. Because it's 100 percent in focus, Clear Image Camo patterns deliver infinitely more detail, more definition, and more realism. Most camouflage patterns on the market include out-of-focus areas in the pattern. In fact, as little as 30 percent of the pattern may be in focus. Some camo designers claim this lack of focus is an intentional effort to "confuse" the hunted and help the hunter blend in better with the environment, but we believe a lack of focus has the opposite effect. Eyes, whether they belong to humans or to birds, automatically focus on what they're viewing. Everything a bird or animal sees, therefore, is in focus. A camo pattern with out-of-focus areas will indeed confuse the bird, but it will also spook the bird, as what the bird is seeing appears unnatural. In order to be 100 percent realistic, 100 percent natural, and 100 percent non-threatening, camo must be 100 percent in focus.

  • Clear Image Camo Has More DepthOrdinary camo is created by man by artistically adding shadows and colors, or created on a computer by "stacking" items to create depth. But no matter how skilled the artist or technician, he or she simply can't duplicate the depth created by Mother Nature. We use photographic technology not to fabricate depth, but to record the genuine depth found in nature. The result is a camo that's more realistic, both to human eyes and to the birds or animals we seek.